Contact-free Delivery

What is Contact-free Delivery?

·         The Red Pizza Company will now only be doing contactless deliveries for the foreseeable future

·         Using the ‘delivery instructions’ box, specify your chosen drop off location or please tell us your details when placing your order over the phone.

·         Here are some examples of brief descriptions you like here to help your delivery driver: ‘end of driveway’, ‘by front door’ or ‘main entrance to block of flats’

·         The driver will call you when they arrive and will confirm that the order has been placed at the specified location

·         The driver will keep a 3 meter distance and allow you to pick up your order without any physical contact

·         Once you have collected your order, the driver will leave

·         Please kindly note that all orders must be pre-paid using debit/credit card


Extra delivery costs?

No extra costs. Your safety and comfort is our highest priority at all times, especially in these times of uncertainty and so there is no extra charge for contactless deliveries.

Can my food go missing?

No, our drivers will leave your food on top of the heat bag and move 3 meters away. They will wait for you to collect your food and take it away before retrieving the delivery pouch. Delivery pouches will be cleaned thoroughly after each delivery.

Can I pay with cash?

Unfortunately, no. Cash has been removed as a payment method on all ordering platforms. This is to reinforce the safety of our customers and employees.

What action has The Red Pizza Company taken to respond to COVID-19?

Maintaining top quality health and safety standards is always our highest priority.  We have re-evaluated  our thorough handwashing procedures along with equipment cleaning and restaurant maintenance using advice from the World Health Organisation. This is to ensure the safety of both employees and customers.

We have also increased the frequency with which we sanitize areas such as pizza heat bags, door handles,  all worktops, and utensils.