The Red Tape

Terms and Conditions

The RED Pizza company offers a Free Pizza, Beer, Wine, Ale and Cider Delivery service to Bristol. Minimum order amount applies.


Our delivery drivers only carry up to £10 in change, payment must be in £. Please note due to COVID-19, our drivers can no longer accept cash on deliveries. All deliveries are to paid upfront.

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit / Charge cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.
  • Debit Cards, such as Delta or Switch are accepted. We do not accept cheque.
  • Paypal

Upon submitting your order details, you are making an offer to us to purchase the item(s) you have specified in your order form. We reserve the right to refuse your offer.

In the event of The RED Pizza Company needing to issue a refund, we will endeavour to credit your account within 7 – 10 working days.

When ordering online from a mobile handset, please pay by debit card if it is your first order with us. If you have an existing account set up with us then feel free to pay by other means.


Gluten-Free Pizzas are not included in any offer or deals. No discount applies for collection.

Please note you cannot combine two deals and use them in conjunction with each other. For example, if using a student discount you are not eligible for any discount on the meal deals. *Restrictions apply

Our NHS Discount is only available by contacting our store on 0117 9300 543, this is to prevent misuse of the offer we specially have for our NHS Heroes. *Restrictions apply

Students are eligible for up to 25% off. *Restrictions apply

The following restrictions are applied for all discounts and voucher codes: *14 Pieces, 21 Pieces of Chicken, Combo Sides, Desserts and Drinks are not eligible for any further discount.*

The Red Pizza has the right to withdraw any deals if required.


Side orders are subject to availability. We can and will offer an alternative for any out-of-stock item.

Although every care is taken, some products may contain nuts. Desserts, Ice Cream and Hams sold by The RED Pizza company’s store(s) may contain nut derivatives.

Though care has been taken to remove all bones from chicken and ham, some may remain.

Our Parmesan cheese is NOT vegetarian. Our Mozzarella is.


Our regulars hold our timing and reliability in high esteem and understand that factors, such as weather, staff illness, and traffic occasionally prevents us from delivering on agreed delivery time. The Delivery time of 45 minutes is not applicable for large orders i.e any order with 8 or more pizzas


Due to licensing laws, we cannot process orders for delivery or collection less than 20 minutes before closing time. Those collecting should arrive before the store closes! Should you have any questions, please call the store.


All content included on our interactive website and app(s), such as text, graphics, button icons, images, and software, is the property of The RED Pizza Company Ltd. and is protected by the UK and European copyright laws.


All images used are for illustrative purposes only. Features such as ingredients and colour may vary. All intend to give a mere indication of the product. Please refer to the product description for details of specific products.


Your order confirmation is a record of our agreement to deliver ordered products paid for in full. If someone else made a booking on your behalf, you agree that such person acted as your agent.

Amendments to the order or delivery time can be made no later than 45 mins prior to the start of the delivery window booked.

Amendments to the content of your order can be made up to 45 minutes before the delivery window begins. Amends to the order must be made by phoning the store direct. Your initial payment will be cancelled and a new payment raised.

The delivery time slot may be altered up to 45 minutes before the start of your order window. The order can only be changed to a new time slot if it is available.

Orders may be cancelled in full up to 45 minutes before the start of the delivery window selected. Contact the store to discuss your refund.

Cancellations within 45 minutes of the start of the delivery window will be charged in full.


In the event of The RED Pizza Company needing to issue a refund, we require you to contact the store.

Please call the store to discuss any problems you experienced with your order, and we will do our very best to make it up to you!