The Red Pizza Company

Our story


1. Dinstinctive Pizza
2. Local brews
3. Bold attitude


Here at The RED Pizza Company we’re passionate about bringing our customers the best quality dough, the best quality sauce and certainly the freshest ingredients.

We strive to out-do our competitors when it comes to quality and value for money, we believe that we’re Bristol’s best pizza, and we’re gonna tell you why. So let’s start with the dough…

Our Artisan Dough is hand bashed and shaped by our expert pizzaiolo’s , so that it’s the perfect depth, perfect size and perfect texture. That ultimately means that we deliver you top class pizzas every time. Our dough also contains less than 1% salt, if an ingredient isn’t necessary we don’t use it and our lack of salt is market leading, in a good way.

Our tomato sauce uses the best quality tomatoes, and we add a tiniest hint of chilli in order to lift the flavours of the pizza into the stratosphere. See if you can notice it next time you have a RED Pizza, remember it’s just a hint!

However, it’s our hand cut ingredients that really improve the pizza. We actively choose not to use machinery to chop our ingredients as we believe it reduces the flavour and dries them out. So, every day our pizzaiolo’s hand cut our ingredients, making sure they’re as fresh and juicy as possible, bringing the maximum amount of flavour when your pizza is cooked. Not only that, after the pizza has come out of the oven, piping hot, we add our final ingredients. If you’re going for a seafood pizza, we add a squeeze of fresh lemon. The Papparoni take your fancy? It’s ground black pepper that is the final ingredient. Or perhaps you’re more of a classic, The Margherita; in that case we sprinkle over a generous amount of Parmesan.

To top it off, we wouldn’t want our pizzas going cold on these wintery nights, so our heated delivery bags and well insulated boxes keep the pizza hot, so it gets delivered to you the way it was intended. Yummy!

Oh man that made me hungry…