Boozy Night In

Build Your Own

Build Your Own (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

Customise your own perfect pizza.
The Big Fish

The Big Fish (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

Herbed Tomato base, fresh Anchovies, Prawns, Red Onion and Sweetcorn

The Big Smoke

The Big Smoke (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

A smokin pizza for BBQ lovers. BBQ sauce, Smoky Sausage, Spicy Chicken, Smokey Bacon and Red Onion.

The Bombay Balti

The Bombay Balti (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

Tandoori Chicken, Red Onion, Sweetcorn, Green Finger Chillies and a sprinkle of fresh Garlic and fresh Ginger 

The Bristol Bad Boy

The Bristol Bad Boy (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

A meat pizza that will test the bravery of any chilli freak! Spicy Chicken, Spicy Beef, Green Finger Chillies, Red Peppers and Red Onions.

The El Mexicano

The El Mexicano (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

Spicy Chicken, Spicy Beef, Jalapenos, Mixed Peppers and Red Onions
The Hawaiian

The Hawaiian (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

For the tropical pizza lover. Ham, Pineapple, and a gentle sprinkle of herbs.
The Hot Hippy

The Hot Hippy (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

One for the veggie chillies freaks! Spiced Tomato sauce, Jalapenos, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Red Onion, Black Olives, Green Finger Chillies.

The Hotwell

The Hotwell (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

Spicy Chicken, Red Onion, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Jalapeños and Olives

The Margherita

The Margherita (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

A simple but delicious mix of Cheese and Tomato. Herbed Tomato base, Mozzarella and Cheddar with a light sprinkle of Parmesan.
The Meat Head

The Meat Head (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

Sink your teeth into this one! BBQ sauce, Smoky Sausage, Pepperoni, Spicy Beef, Smokey Bacon and Meatballs.

The Med

The Med (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

Feta Cheese, Spinach, Mixed Peppers, Olives, Red Onions and a drizzle of Olive Oil
The Orient

The Orient (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

Shredded Duck, Mixed Peppers, Red Onion, and Pineapple.
The Papparoni

The Papparoni (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

The Wests Best! Double Pepperoni with ground Black Pepper.
The Ruin

The Ruin (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

An extreme meat pizza. Pepperoni, Spicy Beef, Smoky Sausage, Chicken and Red Onion.

The Seafood

The Seafood (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

Herbed Tomato base, Tuna, Red Onions and Sweetcorn.
The Supreme Chicken

The Supreme Chicken (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

A double portion of Chicken, Mushrooms and Sweetcorn.
The Veggie

The Veggie (Regular Xtra-Large-16")

A wholesome vegetarian pizza. Herbed Tomato base, Mushrooms, Red Onion, Mixed Peppers, Sweetcorn and a sprinkle of Parmesan.
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks

Breaded Mozzarella Sticks

Brie Wedges

Brie Wedges

Creamed Cheese Jalapenos

Creamed Cheese Jalapenos

Garlic Baguette

Garlic Baguette

Garlic Pizza Bread

Garlic Pizza Bread

Pepperoni Doughballs

Pepperoni Doughballs

Potato Wedges

Potato Wedges

I ♡ Heart Chardonnay

I ♡ Heart Chardonnay

I ♡ Heart Rose

I ♡ Heart Rose